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Things I was not prepared for when moving to El Paso…

Bugs…nasty, nasty bugs.

So, when moving to the desert, I didn’t take into consideration that there would new kinds of creepy crawly things to deal with.  It started about a month ago when we noticed a scorpion near the downstairs bathroom.  We promptly smooshed that little ba$tard and Chris got bug spray for the house.  Since then, there have been two live scorpion sightings and a dead one in the bathroom.  Creepy.

 Then, our neighbors told us about the 6 foot bull snake heading from his yard into our driveway.  I’m just glad that I found out about that one after the fact.  Did I mention the rattlesnake in another neighbor’s garage?

 Then, this morning I found a rather large spider on the first step heading upstairs.  I took a look at it before throwing the phone book at it and I swear…it was a baby tarantula.  What the??? 

Now I am officially creeped out and scared to walk around my own house.  If I need to go downstairs during the night, all the lights are turned on.  I’m not risking stepping on one of those nasty creatures.  And of course, I did have the lovely dream about a dozen or so scorpions scampering under our front door to have a party in the foyer.  AHHH!


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Videos of the Baby

For Friends, Family, or just nosy people you can check out video of the baby.

There are dialup friendly (the ones with -web) and the others are not dialup friendly.

P.S. Dad, get DSL 🙂

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Why the west side of El Paso is the place to be

I get to see the search engine terms that bring people to the site, so i will try to make or update posts (like the TomTom maps one) that will hopefully help people.

The latest term i got was “best places to live in El Paso”  so i’ll go into why we like the West Side.

El paso is basically split by the mountain with with the West Side of the mountain being the West Side, the East Side of the mountain (the older part, the fort bliss part) being the East Side.  the you have South Side (downtown) and North East which is new and nice but still on the east side.  everything is in relation to the mountain which they dont show on any el paso maps because i guess it would make more sense that way, anyway i digress…

The West Side is great because for the most part its newer, you dont have the riff raff that you have on the other side, you have almost all the same stores that you have on the east side (except they are usually smaller on the west side) –more of that in the cons.. the west side also has a portion of I-10 to New Mexico by it so thats handy.

Cons:  there are basically only two ways to get to the west side from the east side.  I-10 which sucks my butt, and transmountain road, which goes over Franklin Mountain and is a pretty good drive but was closed alot during all the raining and flooding because of rock slides and what not.  other things that suck, the best buy is small, i guess its adequate but its small, the barnes and nobles sucks, no good computer books at all, now i know most of you dont care about computer books but i do, its my blog, so i care 🙂  there is no costco (its on the east side), but there is a Sam’s club but we havent been there yet so i dont know if you save money there versus the commisary or PX.  texas sucks because of sales tax but there are no state taxes (but i did get hit with a nifty “new resident” fee of $90 each for each vehicle).

Other stuff about the west side that isnt much fun is that its so new maps really dont have alot of the roads and we had alot of sink holes and mud slides with all the rain, but since we only get rain like 1 part of the year its not so bad.  El Paso in general is getting hit so bad with all this rain because no one designed drainage for the place, the main drainage system is the sun, so when you get a few days of rain you get the mess we had, personally i think whoever designed some of these roads needs to give their paychecks back.  i am not an engineer but i’ll bet that building and designing in some drainage when they built most of the roads would have been cheaper than the cleanup costs.


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Faith was 8 months old yesterday

Well everyone Faith was 8 months old yesterday so it was a good day. On friday she learned how to stand up while holding the couch. i have some video of her doing it and will try to get it posted today. gotta figure out the posting video on the blog thing.

anyway, she’s a cutie and we are glad to have her.

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its flooding in el paso

so i guess we are having the worst flood in like 50 years or so, its really bad, water everywhere, evacuating people, rio grande is about to bust levy’s a la new orleans style and mudslides.

its amazing that most of the time you see people not able to drive in snow, in el paso people cant drive in rain, now thats crazy.

here are some links to see some pictures

link 1

i took some video but it will probably never be posted because i am lazy 😉

UPDATE: I guess i’m not as lazy as i thought i was. quality is crappy and i didnt edit it.

Low Quality one (1.5 MB):

High Quality one (62 MB):
also, there are some hackvideos in the computer stuff area that i did for LSO if you are interested in that kind of stuff.

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el pollo loco is an alright place

el pollo loco is a fast food grilled chicken place, pretty damn good for fast food.  we ate at the one on the east side near the base but supposedly the one on the west side is better and its right next to the cold stone creamery…so we will have to check it out.
if you dont care, well at least you can say you know someone who ate at the crazy chicken restaurant…

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you know its bad when you hate people so bad…

that you dont even want to go out to your favorite stores…

In El Paso on the west side BestBuy is situated by target, office depot, linens and things and a bunch of other stores.  unfortunately for me it at the end of all those friggin stores which means it takes like 10 minutes to drive 200 meters because every slow, fat, stupid ass person either doesnt look before they just walk into the street or they dont use the crosswalks or they dont stop at the stop signs…its incredible.

now i know i am the pot calling the kettle black but jesus christ… look before you cross the street, if a car is coming… hurry up a little bit to catch up to the people in front of you so you dont have about a 50 little ducks in a row crossing the street to go to Target or whatever store you are going in… so the poor bastard waiting for you doesnt have to grow old and die waiting for you.
at bestbuy i had to  buy a VCR so we could watch TV upstairs, the TV’s we bought in Europe arent cable ready, in fact they dont even have coax inputs.  it costs me about 12 bucks a month to rent the cable box so i went the cheap route and bought a VCR that is cable ready so we can watch TV upstairs.

i finally got my video camera out, dont know why it didnt occur to use to take video of the baby when she was tiny tiny but now we are taking video and hopefully i can post some up soon.  she really hams it up for the camera its too funny.  she also loves the laptop which makes daddy happy… see the flickr pictures for more. also if you care, the awesome plumbing job i did is in the flickr pictures too.  i was trying to replace the connector for the washing machine cold water hookup, well while i thought i was turning the connector i was actually twisting the pipe in the wall, oops.  yeah so suffice to say when i turned on the water it blew a hole in the wall, flooded the garage and laundry room, go me!  $126 dollars later on a sunday nite the plumbers fixed my pipe and left me with a big ass hole in the garage, at least i learn how to do some sheet rocking now…

guess thats it


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goings on…

well not too much has been going on but we did get our household goods so we have been unpacking.  a couple of bowls were broken, a glass ornament from germany was broken because the dickhead movers just threw it in there and then piled stuff on there, they also broke our tv stand.  all in all i feel lucky and nothing was stolen which is a good thing.

we dont have an attic at this new place so i think we will be having a garage sale or some massive ebay’ing going on soon to get rid of all this crap we still have that i just shoved in the attic in belgium

work is going ok, people are discovering that i am in the job now so i am having all kinds of stuff pile up on my desk.  i guess that’s good, i guess…

jamie has been staying busy, she has been doing mommy and me swimming and there is a play group she is going to start going to so faith can get out and about and meet other babies.

no much else going on, trying to unpack, trying to get settled, trying to get used to the heat.  we have had a couple of massive thunderstorms which in term cause flash flooding.  thankfully we live on a hill so we dont have to worry about any of that kind of stuff.

i guess that’s it for now, i cant think of any witty gripes and bitches today.


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Couple of Pictures of the baby

I put a couple pictures of the baby on Flickr…they should show up on the side bar thingy if not click on the more pictures link and you should see them.

i’ll try to upload some more tomorrow


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funny post on another blog

I found this post on another blog its Adam Carolla telling off Ann Coulter.  too funny.

 link to the other blog

here is the link to the clip, also in the above post

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